As if things weren't complicated enough at the moment due to the ongoing custody battle over Millie between Jamie and Andrea Tate in Emmerdale, the added wrinkle of his affair with Belle Dingle threatens to make things worse.


Luckily for him, Andrea has been left totally in the dark that anything is going on between them - until now.

The two have kept their secret for quite some time now and with his need to make Andrea think that everything is improving between them, the deception has ended up being far murkier and complicated than it otherwise could have been - he even slept with Andrea only a few hours after kissing his new flame!

The news is discovered by Andrea in a heartbreaking manner when she spots the two of them together and overhears something that devastates her.

Belle, for her part, does initially try and do the right thing for everyone concerned.

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After she spends time with Millie babysitting her, at the request of Andrea no less, the reality of the harm she is causing begins to hit home - how can she sit back and be a part of destroying this family?

She quickly tells Jamie her concerns and ends up pleading with him to give his marriage another try, forsaking their future, for the sake of Millie.

Unsurprisingly, this doesn't last and the two soon find themselves locked in deep conversation.

After a chat with Nate about the affair, Belle and Jamie meet and both admit that the feelings they have for each other run deeper than just a simple affair; they love each other and want to be together.

What they don't realise though is that the conversation is being overheard by someone hiding by a tree out of sight: Andrea.

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The scorned mother decides to hold off reacting to what she has learned and keeps up the pretence that everything is fine when she next sees Jamie.

Secretly though, she is already beginning to plot her revenge, Kim Tate style.

Grief-stricken, she confides in Leyla and tells her all that she knows, leading her pal to advise her that she really needs to think about whether she wants to fight for the marriage or walk away from it altogether.

But if revenge is on Andrea's mind, could Millie end up being a pawn in a game that is about to turn nasty?


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