Emmerdale aired a shock exit for Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) last night (17th August) as the lovable character was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter.


It comes after Dan violently lashed out at his daughter Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) stalker Lloyd Sawyer (Matt Sutton), who later died in hospital from his injuries.

Dan gave a passionate speech in court in last night's episode, showing remorse for the incident, but this didn’t impact his fate.

Naturally, viewers are wondering whether the character has left Emmerdale for good. Read on for everything you need to know.

Is Dan leaving Emmerdale for good?

Dan Spencer looking stressed as he waits for his hearing to start
Dan Spencer in court in Emmerdale. ITV

RadioTimes.com can confirm that last night’s tense episode did indeed mark Fox’s final appearance as Dan in Emmerdale.

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Talking about his exit, the actor told The Mirror: "Millions watch Emmerdale and I hope if it makes one person watching stop and change their mind about how one punch can lead to catastrophic results, then this story is worth it for that alone.

"I know the sentence will come as a shock to fans but it's important to get it right, especially as there are campaigns ongoing for people who commit manslaughter to get a longer sentence.

"If someone killed my child or wife then I would want them to pay for it too," Fox added.

"I've loved playing Dan because he is a likeable character. He wants to do the right thing but this story is one where he's done everything against what Dan stands for."

Will Liam Fox ever return to Emmerdale?

Talking about whether he would ever return to the show, Fox added: "I would never say 'I am not going there again' because it's such a great place to work with great people. It might be quite interesting if Dan does come back in a few years to see how he is changed."

He concluded: "But for now, it is important for Dan to serve time for what he has done."

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