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Emmerdale Christmas 2019 spoilers - Graham's revenge on Kim and Jacob's baby bombshell

A battle to the death erupts over Christmas dinner

emmerdale christmas preview 2019
Published: Wednesday, 11th December 2019 at 10:39 am

Christmas is coming, and soaps fans are preparing themselves for the biggest time of the year when their favourite shows serve up a feast of drama, twists and turns with all the trimmings - and Emmerdale is no exception.

Advertisement brings you a round-up of what to expect during the all-important festive fortnight in the Dales…

Graham vs Kim - to the death

emmerdale graham foster

The focus is on the village's flashiest family this Christmas with the Tates taking centre stage, but it won't be a happy Yuletide for the cursed clan. As the wealthy relatives tuck into their turkey on 25th December, Graham Foster marches in to play his ace as the truth about whether him or Jamie Tate is Millie's father is revealed, angering village queen bee Kim Tate and paving the way for Mr Foster's murder in January when viewers will be invited guess 'Who Bumped off the Brooding Butler?'

"Graham drops a few clangers at Christmas," teases show boss Jane Hudson. "It's not just Jamie, Andrea and Kim's day that is ruined but Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk's, too. He's making everybody miserable." Can he outwit employee/arch-enemy Kim or has he signed his own death warrant?

Andrea's anguish

emmerdale tates

Kim knows daughter-in-law Andrea Tate is hiding the possibility Graham could be little daughter Millie's real father. We've seen in the run-up to Christmas a DNA test was carried out to determine the truth once and for all, then Andrea learnt she was pregnant again (this time definitely by husband Jamie) only to later miscarry.

Not wanting to wreck her son's happiness even further, Kim's icy heart has melted so she keeps quiet and the results remain a mystery - until the Christmas episode. Will gruesome Graham's revelations also include the detail that he initially paid Andrea to be Jamie's girlfriend when they first met?

Jacob and David's baby bombshell

emmerdale david metcalfe baby

Reeling from abuser Maya Stepney's rejection upon her release from prison, but unaware she is pregnant with what may be his child, fragile teen Jacob Gallagher could do with a relaxing Christmas. Unfortunately that's not going to happen, as dad David Metcalfe receives a surprise special delivery over the festive season that turns his family upside down - a baby on the doorstep!

"David and Jacob had just got their lives and relationship back on track after Maya, they're enjoying Christmas then open the door and a newborn baby has been left outside!" says Hudson. "It's going to have a huge impact when they find out who the baby belongs to, and massive for whoever the daddy is. David was engaged to Maya while she was grooming Jacob, so it could be either of them…"

Victoria gives birth to her rapist's baby

emmerdale victoria barton baby

It's been a tumultuous year for Victoria Barton: she was the victim of a sexual assault that resulted in her falling pregnant, then watched her protective big brother Robert Sugden get sent down for life after he murdered her rapist. Not only that, but said attacker Lee's mother Wendy branded her a liar and has now moved to the village, and Vic's new mystery man turned out to be Lee's brother.

Now her looming New Year's Day birth is set to be suitably dramatic, as the waters break the second the fireworks are set off to see in 2020! Hudson told a few more details: "We have that many characters with Christmas Day birthdays we lose track so we thought we'd go wild and have her give birth a few days later.

"Victoria's fear is that the baby will remind her of the rape, but - spoiler alert - she loves her child and doesn't see Lee's face when she looks at it! Isabel Hodgins plays the birth scene brilliantly. Once Vic is home she's got Lee's mum Wendy living in the village. Can she reach a point where she accepts what her son did in order to have a relationship with her grandkid? And is Lee's brother Luke set to be a love interest for Victoria?"

New love for Liam

emmerdale liam cavanagh leyla harding

Dishy doctor Liam Cavanagh was effectively jilted by fiancee Bernice Blackstock when she made a mercy dash Down Under to Australia with daughter Dee Dee following news her dad had been in a car crash. Bern said she'd be back in a few weeks and the imminent wedding was just on hold, but actress Samantha Giles has left the show so that's obviously not going to happen. But Liam won't be lonely this Christmas…

"Liam is 'Farmer Christmas' in the village panto," grins Hudson, "Leyla Harding is the milkmaid. Layla starts to look at Liam in his farmer outfit in a very different light - there is an onstage kiss between them when they are in character, but could that spill offstage?"

Moira hits rock bottom

emmerdle cain dingle moira dingle

The collapse of her marriage to Cain Dingle has driven mucky Moira to the bottle. Forced to spend Christmas alone after Cain bans her from seeing the kids due to her excessive boozing, Moira drowns her sorrows as she finds a distinct lack of goodwill coming her way… Meanwhile, ex-lover Nate Robinson gets an invite to the Dingles' dinner, but how will Cain feel about his secret son and love rival bonding with the family?


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