Emmerdale has revealed a brand new insight into local vicar Charles Anderson's (Kevin Mathurin) past tonight (8th June).


This week, we've seen Charles acting uncharacteristically irritable and cagey, with his outspoken mum Claudette (Flo Wilson) following him around at the church and insulting his sermons to get noticed. With Charles' behaviour sparking concern for her, it wasn't until we saw him heading towards the prison that all became clearer.

Charles came face to face with an older man called Victor (Eddie Osei), but the relationship between the two men was evidently hostile. Although Charles pointed out that he had been asked to be here, he added that "whatever this is needs stopping."

"That sounds like you're trying to tell me what to do," said Victor, as he reminded Charles how long he had just served in jail.

"The boy you knew, I'm not that person any more," explained Charles.

Noting that Charles is now a vicar, the man remarked that it was great he had found his place, "especially after everything that went on before".

Charles went on to tell Victor to stay away, before ordering him to explain why he had got in touch. The other man eventually branded Charles as his "son", filling in the first gap for us.

Victor claimed he had also found God, and asked Charles if his loved ones knew who he really was. Charles insisted he wasn't to blame for Victor's prison stint, and issued a threat to stay away from his family.

But what else is Charles hiding? It sounds like he may have done things he's not proud of before he became the man he is today. And can Victor be trusted?

Flo Wilson as Claudette and Kevin Mathurin as Charles Anderson in Emmerdale
Flo Wilson as Claudette and Kevin Mathurin as Charles Anderson ITV

"Victor's arrival in Emmerdale turns life for the Andersons upside down," teased Emmerdale producer Hannah Cheers. "The brilliant addition of Eddie Osei as Victor has allowed us to learn more about who the Andersons are and we can't wait for the audience to watch as the drama unfolds.

"While Claudette is confronted by the husband she prayed she'd never see again, Charles has to face up to painful past traumas and he makes no secret of the fact that Victor is not welcome here. But who will win out?"

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Who plays Victor on Emmerdale?

Eddie Osei has taken on the role of mysterious Victor, described as someone who has "deep connections in the village" and a man of secrets.

Viewers will recognise Osei from horror films, Dominion: Prequel of the Exorcist and Exorcist: The Beginning. He's also had his fair experience in soaps, having appeared in Doctors and EastEnders previously, too.

Speaking of his new role in Emmerdale, Eddie Osei said: “I feel privileged to be joining such a great show and I am honoured to be working with the fantastic cast and crew. It is very exciting for me to be playing Victor who is such an enigmatic character and who causes the Anderson family so much trouble!"

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