Emmerdale’s Charity and Ryan have “no regrets” after Graham’s murder – did they kill him?

Did they do it?


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Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Graham Foster [ANDREW SCARBOROUGH] summons Ryan to make the final transfer. But when he refuses, Graham forces him to and humiliatingly locks him in the Kayak Hut to stop him going to Kim. Charity Dingle [EMMA ATKINS] is apoplectic with rage when she tracks Ryan down and goes after Graham. As an unrepentant Graham belittles her, a murderous Charity vows revenge, heads to Jacobs Fold and tells Ryan they’re going to make Graham pay for his actions. 

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We’re all desperate to know who kills Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) in the coming week and it seems Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Ryan Stocks (James Moore) are in the firing line this evening.


Last night, we saw Jai Sharma’s motives explored and on Monday it was Kim Tate’s turn.

This evening, the action kicked off when Ryan got in a scuffle with Graham at the beginning of the day over money.

If we cast our minds back, Ryan has been fixing the dodgy businessman up with Kim’s money – but when Ryan says no, Graham goes off the rails.

Cruelly, Graham locks Ryan in a shed after picking him up and throwing him in there.

Ryan ends up missing Charity’s unexpected nuptial plans with Vanessa and as a result, prompts the concerned mother to go look for her boy.

When she somehow stumbles upon him in the Emmerdale woods, Charity is beyond livid at the thought of her boy being abused in such a manner. She storms round to give Graham a good piece of her mind and is keen to let him know she will exact revenge if he ever does something like that again.

What’s more, the whole ordeal meant she missed her wedding slot with Vanessa and the pair look set for a fallout again.

Later on in the episode and at night, viewers see Graham’s bloodied body tumble down further in to the woods near his resting place where Priya will find him next week.

Somewhere else in Emmerdale village, Charity gets out of her car and walks to the bridge where Ryan is. She asks him if he has any regrets and he insists he doesn’t…

Where have they been and what would they have to regret? More importantly, did they kill Graham?


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