What happened to Emmerdale’s Biff Fowler?

Unlucky in love but at least he had his motorbike...

Biff Fowler Emmerdale

Biker Brian Ian Francis ‘Biff’ Fowler was something of a catch in Emmerdale, a grafter with a good heart and his own set of wheels. Played by Stuart Wade, Biff first appeared in March 1994 and took up lodgings with village stalwarts Betty Eagleton (Paula Tilbrook) and Seth Armstrong (Stan Richards).


In this week’s ITV3 repeats from 1996 Biff tells Betty and Seth the good news that he and vet receptionist Linda Glover (Tonicha Jeronimo) are engaged. Although it’s an announcement that goes down better with Betty than grouchy old Seth.

The crusty old gamekeeper takes the lad for a man to man chat and warns him that marriage is Mother Nature’s trap. “You don’t see until it’s too late,” Seth counsels. “Leaves fall off tree and you’re left with a twisted tree stump.”

Biff Fowler Linda Glover Emmerdale

Sadly Linda didn’t live long enough for that to happen. After she and Biff wed on Boxing Day in 1996 she suffered a miscarriage and then died in a car crash the following year. A grieving Biff took up with Kelly Windsor (Adele Silva) who also lost her baby with Biff when Kim Tate (Claire King) shoved her down a staircase.

It looked like Biff might find happiness again when he got engaged to three times married Kathy Glover (90s pop star Malandra Burrows) but he felt threatened by her close friendship with school teacher Graham Clark (Kevin Pallister) and jilted Kathy at the altar when Graham showed up at the church.

Biff Fowler Kathy Glover

Distraught, Biff left the village on his trusty motorbike only returning for Seth’s funeral in 2005. He gifted Betty Keeper’s Cottage which he had previously bought from her and Seth. Betty later sold it to Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) who currently lives there with her son Harry.

Actors Stuart Wade and Tonicha Jeronimo fared better in real life. The pair were married in 2000 and have two children, Lorcan and Sydney. Wade has appeared in The Royal whilst Jeronimo, now remarried and acting as Tonicha Lawrence, joined the cast of Casualty in 2016 as Steph Sims, the mother of Carmel Sims played by her daughter Sydney Wade.


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