Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) was left terrified in tonight's dramatic Emmerdale (25th May), as she was taken in for surgery after being injured in a car crash with mum Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler).


Nicola was stressed as the latest instalment of the ITV soap began, updating husband Jimmy (Nick Miles) on their children's activities for the day - including a trip to the dentist for eldest Angel, which Jimmy was supposed to be picking her up for.

But Jimmy forgot, and when Angel arrived home from school after getting the bus, Nicola was in the midst of trying to organise her own busy day. As she ranted about Jimmy's lack of focus on their family of late, due to his row with nephew Tom King (James Chase), Nicola instructed Angel to get in the car and insisted that they could still make it to the dentist.

During the journey, Nicola dealt with Angel's fussiness over the appointment as her stress levels heightened, but the day took a frightening turn when she collided with Moira Dingle's (Natalie J Robb) truck on a dodgy junction.

Moira was shaken and Nicola was scared stiff as they realised that Angel was unconscious on the backseat, and Moira hurried to call an ambulance, which took a while to arrive.

Tom then parked up in his car and spotted what had happened. Approaching to help, Tom told Nicola that he would locate Jimmy while she went to the hospital with Angel, who thankfully had now regained consciousness.

As the police started investigating the cause of the crash, Tom finally found Jimmy and drove him to the hospital, and was a tower of strength for the Kings as they waited for news. They were eventually able to see their daughter, but a surgeon soon approached to explain that they were concerned about the arteries in Angel's leg.

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They were going to take her into surgery to reposition the bone and check for further damage, leaving Angel fearful of what lay ahead. Will everything be OK? And was anyone at fault for the accident?

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