Maya abandons her baby but who’s the daddy? First look at Emmerdale Christmas Day bombshell

David and Jacob get a very unexpected delivery

emmerdale christmas 2019

Here’s your first look at Emmerdale‘s Christmas Day episode where David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) receive a surprise gift on their doorstep – an abandoned newborn baby and a note from manipulative Maya Stepney!


Father and son, along with relatives Leyla Harding and Eric Pollard, are enjoying a cosy family festive morning unwrapping presents and feeling thankful everything is back on track after the ordeal with predatory Maya.

However, when Jake opens the front door he’s stunned to find a baby in a car seat left outside, along with a note signed from Maya, who was recently released from prison after serving five months for grooming the vulnerable teenager into a sexual relationship.

The clan can’t believe it and David is initially sceptical this has anything to do with Maya – remember, only viewers saw the sneaky clip of her leaving jail heavily pregnant, so none of the villagers know she was even up the duff.

emmerdale christmas 2019

Mr Metcalfe wants to keep it quiet until they know more and quickly organises a paternity test to determine if he or Jacob (David was engaged to Maya while she was abusing his son) are the father. The results are in on Monday 30th December, but what will the outcome be?

Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson recently teased the twist to, saying: “David and Jacob have been through such a journey to get to a point where Jacob had moved on, got his life back on track and started acting like a teenager. Him and David are back on track – then there’s a baby on the doorstep!

“It’s going to have a huge impact, particularly when they find out who that baby belongs to. The storyline will get even bigger.”


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