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Will Stuart save Mick's life in EastEnders?

The landlord collapses for the second time in a week

eastenders mick carter collapse
Published: Thursday, 15th August 2019 at 7:58 pm

EastEnders fans are fearing for Mick Carter's (Danny Dyer) life once again after he collapsed for the second time in a week on Thursday 15th August. It looked like the stressed landlord was having a heart attack as he fell to the ground in the Queen Vic barrel store after a showdown with arch-enemy Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ), but could his ex-best mate be his only chance of survival?


Pressure has been mounting on the publican for a while what with son Ollie's autism diagnosis and wife Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) facing the possibility her cancer has returned after abnormal smear test results. He recently collapsed while referring a kids' football tournament and lied to pal Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) he'd got himself checked out at the hospital and had the all clear from doctors.

During a party in the pub celebrating Bex Fowler's successful A level results that confirms she's got a place at Oxford university, Mick clutched his chest and sneaked out back to the barrel store, followed by Stu who was reluctantly allowed at the bash despite still being hated by the Carters for framing Mick for attempted murder and his historic attack on Tina being exposed.

Insisting he was a reformed character, Stuart begged his childhood friend for another chance. "I know I did terrible things, but I wasn't right in my head and I haven't stopped torturing myself," he pleaded. "I've sorted my head out, I help people now, I'd do anything for anyone, that is the real me - I miss my mate…"

eastenders mick carter stuart highway

Increasingly agitated Michael was having none of it and told him to get lost, but seconds after Stu left Mr Carter collapsed to the floor and struggled to make a sound as he weakly called Stuart for help…

The action picks up directly where we left off on Friday 16th August as Mick calls out for Stuart who thankfully finds him in the nick of time. Alarmed as he sees his old mate fighting for breath, Stuart calls an ambulance - will all be forgiven if he saves his life? Will the ambulance get there in time? And can doctors get to the bottom of Mick's health crisis - does he have a dodgy heart, or is there another mystery illness yet to be discovered?

Mick may even try and keep his latest collapse from L, not wanting to worry her. That's if he survives…


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