Callum’s heartbreak over death of his first love devastates EastEnders fans

Tony Clay's performance had viewers in tears

Callum grieves for Chris on EastEnders

Callum Highway was left an emotional wreck on Tuesday’s EastEnders – and fans of the BBC1 soap were soon feeling similarly traumatised. The most recent episode of the BBC1 soap witnessed the conflicted groom-to-be attending a memorial for former army friend Chris, for whom Callum had developed strong feelings during their time together in the armed forces.


After revealing to Chris’s sister Vicky that he was the colleague referred to in a series of emotional letters, Callum was handed both the missives and a beret belonging to the fallen soldier. Wrestling with both his feelings for Chris and the dilemma of whether to go ahead with his upcoming wedding to Whitney, poor Callum ended up in tears, with actor Tony Clay’s performance winning plaudits from viewers.

Those left wondering whether the nuptials will go ahead won’t be getting answers any time soon, with next week’s episodes set to see Callum’s brother Stuart vying for the job of best man. But might Callum have someone else in mind for the role? And how would Stuart react should he discover Callum’s intentions?


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