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"Whitney shouldn't marry Callum" insists EastEnders' Shona McGarty after Ben affair is revealed

The star has strong views about what her alter ego should do…

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Published: Thursday, 29th August 2019 at 1:00 pm

Wedding fever grips Walford as EastEnders' Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) prepares to marry Callum Highway (Tony Clay) on Monday 2nd September, but in the run-up to the big day the bride will discover her groom's gay fling with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) - and McGarty reckons her alter ego should cut her losses and end the doomed relationship.


"Do I think Whitney should go through with the wedding? No way!" laughed the actress, "I wouldn't, but I would still go to the party!" Whether or not the couple exchange their vows after the infidelity bombshell remains a closely-guarded secret, but the planned reception is set to turn into an armed siege when crazed killer Hunter Owen, freshly escaped from jail, holds a packed Queen Vic hostage and at least one character is killed off.

Before all that fans are wondering when and how Whit finally learns her boyfriend is in the closet with the door firmly shut, having slept with Ben a few months ago and admitting to being tormented by his true sexuality. More recently it was revealed to viewers Callum was in love with a deceased ex-army colleague, but when Whit found old love letters from 'Chris' he covered by letting her think they were from a woman.

McGarty is still tight-lipped about how the truth - and possibly Callum himself - finally comes out, but Thursday 29th August's episode features s a charged moment between the engaged pair on the stag and hen nights. "Whitney is having the time of her life at the hen party and Callum suddenly turns up," explained McGarty.

"She notices a cut on his lip so she's worried. Callum asks to speak to her and she just thinks he's had a silly fight or something, but little does she know…"

eastenders whitney callum stag night

This isn't the first time eternally unlucky in love Whit has ascended the aisle, but prior to the Ben bombshell McGarty thinks any doubts about her beau have been quashed. "She found Callum's letters from Chris which seeded a small doubt in her mind Callum was hiding something, but he reassured her straight away. And she still thinks Chris was a girl…

"As far as Whitney's concerned she's marrying the man of her dreams. Callum is unlike any of her past boyfriends so she thinks he's her happy ever after. She just can't wait to get married to him. She's fallen head over heels."

Asked to sum up the wedding day in just three words, McGarty signs off with a nod to the huge drama ahead guaranteed to inspire more speculation about the set piece: "Chaotic, emotional and shocking…"


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