Soap spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale…- 21 October 2012

21-26 October: Chas gets arrested on Emmerdale, while an accident puts Sophie's life in danger on Coronation Street logo

Coronation Street


The boundaries of the Street have always been fiercely patrolled – stray too far and terrible things tend to happen, mostly involving moving vehicles. Think Renee Roberts, Len Fairclough and Alan Bradley, to name but a few. Now it’s Sophie hearing the screech of brakes on a busy road and, this time, it looks like Ryan is to blame. Teflon-coated Lewis appears to be safe for the moment though: the smooth-talking bar steward has got himself a job at the Rovers.


As with previous soap homicides, gossip is now rife, while the police don’t seem able to spot the guilty party. Maybe they should put Cain in charge of the investigation – after all, he’s had Cameron in his sights for ages. It’s Chas though who, this week, ends up in handcuffs after getting de-Dingled by her angry clan. Away from the crime scene and Gennie is finding it hard coping with Nikhil’s straight-talking mum Georgia, who descends on Monday.



Phil must prove he has a stable support network if his residency application for Lexi is to be granted. OK, so this is Phil we we’re talking about: the former alcoholic crack fiend with the son on remand for murder, the uncle killed in the Vic and the cousin in jail for swapping her child. It’s going to be a tough sell, don’t you think? Luckily Sharon (yes, the Sharon who’s currently struggling with an addiction to painkillers) is posing as Phil’s fiancée. Sounds like a foolproof scheme.