There's a BIG shock in store for Rainie Branning (played by Tanya Franks) in EastEnders on Tuesday 12 March when she discovers her husband Max is now involved with another woman!


Max went off on a trip to France with his brother Jack (Scott Maslen) last month on the BBC One soap. But while Jack is now back in Albert Square, Max has remained abroad. And after Rainie finds the picture of Max with a new woman on Jack's phone, she fears the worst...

Left in charge of Max's business interests at the car lot and restaurant Walford East while he's gone, Rainie's feeling the pressure and considers hitting the bottle to drown her sorrows...

On Tuesday 12 March, brother-in-law Jack is not impressed when he suspects recovering addict Rainie has started boozing again. Rainie insists she didn't actually touch the drink but Jack insists she attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting anyway.

EastEnders, Rainie Branning, Jack Branning
Jack is worried sister-in-law Rainie is spiralling outta control again... (Picture: BBC)

As Rainie opens up about her problems at the meeting, it once again brings her into contact with former addict Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ). Still suspicious Stuart, who is now living with Max's stepmum Dot Cotton (June Brown) can't be trusted, Rainie decides to work her charms to get closer to Stuart to find out what he's up to.

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EastEnders, Stuart Highway, Rainie Branning
Rainie's convinced Stuart is up to something dodgy... (Picture: BBC)

Dot's late friend Dr Legg just left her a fortune in his will. So when a letter surfaces from Dot to the solicitor on Friday 15 March about settling Dr Legg's estate, will Rainie suspicions Stuart is up to something crooked be confirmed?


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