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EastEnders' Dot is a millionaire - what should she spend her money on?

Dr Legg has left his friend a fortune in his will

eastenders dot branning
Published: Friday, 1st March 2019 at 8:55 pm

EastEnders' Dot Branning (June Brown) has been left a hefty inheritance from old friend Dr Legg in his will, effectively making her a millionaire. The late GP's solicitor delivered the life-changing news to a dumbstruck Dot on Friday 1 March that the majority of the estate, including some expensive property, is now hers, sending the perplexed pensioner into something of a spin.


So while the Walford legend decides what to do with her windfall on a much-needed holiday to Ireland to see grandson Charlie (hope she flies first class), and before lodger Stuart Highway gets his hands on it, we've come up with some suggestions as to how dear old Dot should spend her dosh.

Erect a memorial statue of Dr Legg
In memory of her old pal how about forking out for a bronze likeness of the beloved doc to be built? Taking pride of place in the Albert Square gardens next to Arthur Fowler's bench, it would be a touching way to remember Harold and his lifetime of service to the sick and needy of his community. Think of it as Walford's answer to the Churchill monument in Parliament Square. Or the Rocky Balboa statue at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (as seen in Rocky III).

EastEnders, Dot Cotton, June Brown

Launch a bursary fund for the unfortunate
Kindly Dot famously stuck by nasty son Nick despite his many faults, and has taken in countless waifs and strays in her time and put them on the right track - just recently she was reunited with reformed anarchist Mary 'the punk' Smith who she helped through her troubles as a single mum back in the 1980s. So it makes sense to use the cash to start a charitable benevolent scholarship for lost souls who have been dealt a bad hand in life and need some financial - and moral - assistance. First recipient? Stuart, of course.


Open Walford's first gay bar
There's been talk of Walford getting it's first gay bar but we've yet to see the establishment open. Who better to fund and fast track it it then Mrs B, an early supporter of LGBTQ rights through her close friendship with the soap's first gay character, Colin Russell, who's wedding she attended just a few years ago. In fact Colin could pop back to cut the ribbon on opening night.


Build a walk-in medical centre
There hasn't been a doctors' surgery in EastEnders for years - to put her newfound wealth to good use, and in honour of Harold's profession, Dot could partner up with the local NHS trust and invest in a swanky walk-in medical centre in the old location on the corner of the Square. Although it's now Kim's house so she'd have to convince her to move out first. Good luck with that one.


Buy the laundrette
Dot's spiritual home is the laundrette, and there was an outcry when it was in danger of closing down thanks to the ill-fated Weyland project. Luckily that particular disaster was averted, but to avoid any future possibilities of it vanishing from Bridge Street she should buy up the business herself so she knows it's in safe hands. All that time slaving away on service washes for Mr Opodopolous must've taught her everything she needed to know about running the place. We bet it could be the start of a whole franchise…


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