It's been a few weeks since Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) stormed off to Spain in search of missing mechanic Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) in EastEnders.


Keanu was sent abroad by boss Phil on Thursday 7 February to help oversee some new garages set-up by Phil, to undercut local garage trade. However, the Spanish locals didn't take kindly to the rival business and promptly beat-up poor Keanu!

With Keanu's mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley), Phil's daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) and his wife Sharon (Letitia Dean) all demanding answers about Keanu and wanting his safe return to Walford, Phil went off on his rescue mission.

EastEnders, Keanu Taylor, Sharon Mitchell
What's next for #sheanu? (Picture: BBC)

Off course, Sharon secretly has her own reasons for wanting Keanu back in Albert Square. She still has the hots for the muscular mechanic after their secret affair, something only Karen knows about at present (and has been threatening to spill the beans... )

So when Phil returns home from Spain in the episode showing on BBC One on Monday 11 March, everyone has even more questions...

EastEnders, Phil Mitchell
Phil's back but what's happened to Keanu? (Picture: BBC)

Mostly they want to know, where the heck is Keanu? Is he dead? Is he alive? Has he recovered after that awful photo showing him looking beaten black and blue?

All will be revealed in the episode. But will it be the news Karen, Sharon and Louise were hoping to hear?


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