EastEnders: will Sharon tell Phil about her affair with Keanu?

Is the torrid truth about to be revealed?

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Is Sharon Mitchell about to spill the beans to unsuspecting husband Phil about her affair with toy boy lover Keanu Taylor? It’s the question all EastEnders fans are asking tonight after a pensive Shazza ended the episode with the words: “Phil, there’s something I need to tell you.” As fans of the BBC1 soap know, Sharon is currently pregnant, but is unsure as to whether the father of the baby is veteran hard man Phil or muscly mechanic Keanu, with whom she’s been enjoying illicit trysts.


Tensions have been brewing at the Mitchell house ever since Phil’s daughter Louise revealed that she is expecting Keanu’s child. And the situation became even more fraught this evening when Keanu, putting in a belated bid for honesty, opted to tell Louise about his romps with her step-mum, only for her to leap to the wrong conclusion and presume that he was proposing marriage.

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So as Louise celebrated her sudden engagement, many furtive looks were being shared behind the poor girl’s back. For those struggling to keep up, here’s a rundown of who now knows what. Everyone is now aware that Sharon is pregnant, including Keanu and his mum Karen, both of whom suspect that the baby isn’t Phil’s.

Phil and Louise, though, are blissfully unaware of the secret paternity wrangle. Louise is ecstatic at having this supposedly dream boyfriend, while Phil has welcomed Keanu into the family, even going so far as to offer him a roof over his head.

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But the worry (for Keanu at least, whose life wouldn’t be worth living if Phil discovered all) is that details of the dirty dalliances will now reach the ears of the pugilistic Mitchell patriarch…

What happens in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders?


EastEnders isn’t yet revealing what Sharon tells Phil, but it looks as though there are going to be frightening repercussions for Keanu. Scenes to be shown on Thursday will see him wake to find himself tied up in an empty warehouse – yes, you’ve guessed it, he’s been kidnapped. Mere weeks after he was held against his will in a shipping container, Keanu has been abducted AGAIN! But is Phil wreaking revenge for Keanu messing with his missus? Or is there another explanation for his shock snatching?

Meanwhile, back on the Square, Louise is preparing for her first scan, but is upset when she’s unable to get hold of Keanu. One person who’s revelling in his absence, though, is Ben, who sees Keanu as a cuckoo in the nest…

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about the impact of the plotline, actor Danny Walters, who plays Keanu, said: “There are so many layers already to this storyline. It’s very complex – what started as this one affair between Keanu and Sharon has roped in so many other characters and now lots of people are involved. The show has done well to keep it going.”


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