EastEnders: Tina and Woody get passionate!

Who saw that one coming, then?


EastEnders fans who’d assumed that Woody would be making a play for Whitney have been proved wrong – the new bar manager (played by Blue star Lee Ryan) has actually just been seen getting passionate with Tina!


The pair locked lips following a heart to heart on the roof of the Queen Vic that saw them opening up about their respective losses: Woody revealing all about the death of his father and Tina discussing her grief following the recent demise of Sylvie.

“You’re not the first lesbian I’ve ever had,” said Woody as he tried to lighten the mood, to which Tina replied: “In your dreams.”

But with the tension continuing to build, it wasn’t long before Woody was leaning in for a kiss with a drunken Tina, who was now drowning her sorrows in the living room at the pub. As one thing led to another, Woody and Tina soon found it impossible to resist each other.

Linda may have previously advised Woody to keep an eye on things in her absence, but we’re not sure she quite had this kind of thing in mind….

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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