EastEnders spoilers: Kush to kill Leo? All the drama from next week

Plus Linda disappears with Ollie

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6069

Community justice is the only kind of comeuppance that criminals get on soaps. The police are invariably useless and juries usually send innocent people to prison, so it’s up to the regular characters to band together and take on the ne’er-do-wells.


Take Leo on EastEnders, whose creepy pursuit of Whit (even the name of his market stall, Nite and Whey, is an anagram of Whitney Dean) has made him the Square’s public enemy number one. Now, we get Kat ripping that aforementioned stall to pieces before a night out at the Prince Albert ends with an angry Kush shoving Leo off the balcony. Though why pallid, stringy Leo thought he could take on the might of Kush is a mystery. It’s going to be like that scene in the first Avengersmovie when Loki tries to fight the Hulk. In fact, the next time a villain turns up in Walford, Kat should just say, “We have a Kush” and then send her boyfriend into battle.

The bond between mothers and sons is also in the spotlight. First, there’s booze-sodden Linda leaving husband Mick in a right old state when she disappears with their son Ollie in tow. Where has she gone to? And what will Linda’s actions end up doing to Mick’s already skyrocketing anxiety levels? And we also have Sharon swiping the keys for the Mitchells’ in a bid to reach out to her estranged son Denny. Perhaps Shazza can gift him The Hoodie of Emotional Torment she’s been wearing ever since she got kicked out at Christmas?


Finally, we have a match made in hell when Shirley is left impressed following a brush with Dotty at the car lot. Just imagine what havoc the pair could wreak if they joined forces?

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