EastEnders shock for Sharon as Dotty reveals all on Dennis’s death

Does she know Ian's guilty secret?

eastenders sharon mitchell dotty cotton

The fallout of young Dennis Rickman’s death continues to dominate the drama in EastEnders. Distraught Sharon Mitchell contemplated suicide this week only to be stopped by an intervention from best friend Ian Beale – which is ironic, considering he’s covering up his part in the teen’s demise to the grieving mum.


Determined to discover more around the circumstances of her son’s final moments, in Friday 28th February’s episode Sharon decides to quiz Dotty Cotton about what she saw on the doomed party boat that ended with Phil and Ben Mitchell’s clash with Keanu Taylor causing a crash that put the revellers in danger.

Ian deliberately locked Dennis in a cabin below deck as revenge for inciting online racial hatred that led to his son Bobby Beale’s attack. When the boat started sinking, Ian went back to rescue Dennis but the water levels were rising too fast and in the end he couldn’t save him.

Sharon has no idea about the true nature of Ian’s involvement, and believes he did everything he could to stop the tragedy – which is party true, she just doesn’t know he wouldn’t have been in danger in the first place if it wasn’t for him…

eastenders sharon mitchell dotty cotton

So Ian is understandably uncomfortable when Shaz asks him for any details about Denny’s demise to help her make sense of the tragedy, only for Dotty and Bex to interrupt.

This leads Sharon to later quiz Dotty, who was on the boat, as our first look pictures show. However, Dotty has been suspicious Ian is hiding something since the night in question when she clocked him and Denny at odds.

As Dotty talks about the boat disaster, will she go so far as to share her qualms about Ian, which could lead to the terrible truth coming out?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday 28th February at 8.30pm on BBC One.


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