There was another shocking development in Ravi Gulati's (Aaron Thiara) story in tonight's EastEnders (28th September), as Doctor Nina Gupta (Hersha Verity) was unveiled as his secret accomplice - with the soap teasing another bombshell on the way.


In the summer, Ravi walked in on family friend Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) minutes after she had struck his father Ranveer (Anil Goutam) over the head in self-defence after he tried to sexually assault her.

After sending Suki away, Ravi discovered that Ranveer was still alive - and as the older man made a menacing threat, Ravi delivered a killer blow.

He disposed of the body, before deleting the camera footage that would incriminate him - all made possible because Suki had initially been filming her and Ranveer in an effort to expose his vile behaviour. Ravi has since allowed Suki to believe that she is a murderer, and she has been left traumatised.

As Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) found Suki wandering around the Square in the middle of the night, she took Suki to see her daughter Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) and Nina at the GP surgery.

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Nina made an effort to support Suki and gave her some sleeping pills, but Eve knew that something was seriously wrong as she urged Suki to open up.

Eve and Suki in EastEnders.
Eve is worried about Suki in EastEnders. BBC

Suki revealed Ranveer's unwanted advances, and Eve was determined that Ranveer should face justice with the police. But a panicking Suki couldn't explain that there was no need, as the man was dead and gone.

Instead, she told Eve that she would deal with things her way, and Eve agreed to back off. But Ravi was worried that Suki was close to spilling the truth.

Another suspicious mind came in the form of Suki's son Kheerat (Jaz Deol). He did some digging and learned that Ranveer wasn't in Mumbai as Ravi claimed. But when Kheerat confided in Nina as Ranveer's wife, she told him there was nothing to worry about - she certainly wasn't concerned.

Later, Ravi and Suki were left feeling guilty when his teenage son Nugget got upset over the absence of his grandfather, who he had been very close to.

All the while, Ravi continued to make furtive phone calls about what he was trying to keep under wraps. And the identity of the other person was revealed as he walked into Nina's consultant room. She questioned why he wasn't doing more to hide the fact that he had killed his dad. Yes, Nina knows everything!

Ravi calmly replied that as far as the evidence is concerned, it puts only Suki in the frame. Nina then asked when Ravi is planning on telling the Panesars who he really is, as the plot thickened. The pair then shared a passionate kiss!

So who exactly is Ravi? We've had some thoughts on that ourselves, but you'll need to keep watching EastEnders to find out!

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