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EastEnders' Jay Brown for heartbreak as Lola faces a difficult decision

She's pregnant!

EastEnders Jay Brown
Published: Thursday, 5th March 2020 at 8:00 pm

EastEnders delivered a baby bombshell this evening (5th March) as Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) revealed she is expecting.


For Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), the news was certainly unexpected, but he seemed genuinely delighted to hear he would be a dad.

However, we couldn't help but pick up on Lola's mood. The normally fiery and excitable Albert Square resident was decidedly subdued and quiet about the whole thing.

Admitting she wasn't sure if she wanted another baby, it seems Lola will face a difficult decision over the coming weeks.

Will she keep the baby?

Meanwhile, it seems there will be some miscommunication between Lola and Jay over the next few episodes, as Jay is pretty set on having the little one.

By next week, Jay is looking at engagement rings, not realising it's the worst imaginable time to propose.

And as things go from bad to worse, Lexi spots him preparing to pop the question and Jay has to beg her not to say anything.

He even decides to rope her in on the engagement, a touch that Lola would surely love.

When the big day comes, Jay and Lexi hide as Lola returns home to a romantic lunch.

She's completely taken aback when he asks her to marry him, but what will he say?

What's more, Jay's proposal plans even get picked up by Stuart, who eventually plans to pop the question to Rainie.


Will there be a double EastEnders wedding on the horizon?

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