Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) regained consciousness in tonight's EastEnders (5th April) - only to shock dad Howie (Delroy Atkinson) by revealing that the latter's partner Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) was responsible for the car crash that injured him.


Kim had been reading some texts on her sister Denise's (Diane Parish) phone while driving herself and Denzel around. The shock of Ravi Gulati's (Aaron Thiara) messages about his affair with Denise stopped Kim from focusing on the road, and Denzel was left seriously injured while she escaped mostly unscathed.

Tonight, Howie sat by Denzel's bedside in tears, talking to him about how much he loved him and willing him to wake up. Meanwhile, Kim was furious with Denise, who was still worrying about herself while Kim waited for news on Denzel. Disgusted, Kim warned her over letting Ravi use her own daughter, Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), and Denise promised she would sort things out.

Delroy Atkinson as Howie Danes in EastEnders
Delroy Atkinson as Howie Danes in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Kim headed to the hospital, where she was reluctant to sit with Denzel when Howie urged her to. Howie assured her that the pedestrian who ran into the road was at fault, but Kim knew better. Then, Howie noticed that his son was moving, and Kim rushed to find a doctor. The consultant explained that he needed to run some tests, as they discussed whether Denzel's memories would be intact.

Still, Kim kept quiet, and when Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) arrived, she left to tell Denzel's friends that he was awake. After ordering Denise to speak to Ravi, Kim accosted her niece and took her back to her house to warn her against trusting Ravi. But Chelsea was fuming, wondering why Kim suddenly refused to give Ravi the benefit of the doubt.

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At Walford East, Denise attempted yet again to convince Ravi to leave Chelsea alone, but Ravi remained unbothered and insisted she find the information he needed before he slept with Chelsea. Denise then made a call outside, later assuring Kim that it was "sorted" as Ravi was arrested by Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

At the hospital, Howie was overwhelmed to learn that Denzel was going to be fine. But when he told Denzel the man in the road would pay for what happened, Denzel dropped a bombshell, saying that Kim was on her phone at the time of the crash. Will Howie have Kim arrested?

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