EastEnders: Claudette to kill Gavin on Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day could turn deadly thanks to a shock showdown


Is volatile Claudette Hubbard going to kill off the sinister Gavin Sullivan?


New pictures released by the BBC show a peaceful Mother’s Day spiralling out of control when Claudette attempts to put a stop to Gavin’s attempts to extort money from her.

When a menacing Gavin touches a nerve, Claudette snaps and whacks him on the head with one of Kim’s candelabras. Is this the end of Walford’s blackmailer?

Viewers can expect Claudette’s son Vincent to also get involved, with EastEnders bosses promising that “all hell will break loose” as the Fox and Hubbard clans reel from the shock events.

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about whether Claudette poses a threat, actor Richard Blackwood said: “Claudette is already showing signs that she’s not a puppet and that she therefore must be a master.

“What I will say is that when you see what we have coming up between Vincent and Claudette, your jaws will drop. It’s a different gear.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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