Did you spot the BBC3 plug in EastEnders?

Subtle, eh?


BBC3 has gone online only and in case you didn’t know, EastEnders popped a great big plug in the middle of an episode just to really hammer it home. 


Well, when there’s tonnes of drama going on, why not pause to zoom in on Sonia Fowler checking out the new website?

Just to really make sure we didn’t miss which website it was, Tina said: “Ain’t BBC3 a bit young for you? Oh wait, don’t tell me – Bex told you she was watching something?”

About as subtle as Bianca yelling ‘Riiiiicky’ across the Square, eh? BBC3 seemed more than aware of its own not-so-smooth tactics, though, with a winky face added to the end of its tweet. 


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