James Corden gives BBC3 the send off it deserves

The US TV host took a few minutes to remember the channel that gave him his big break as he introduced Gavin & Stacey's final BBC3 TV broadcast


After 13 years on TV screens BBC3 finally said farewell to audiences as it made the move online in the early hours of this morning and one of the channel’s oldest stars, James Corden, was on hand to say farewell.


Corden, whose comedy Gavin & Stacey (written with co-star Ruth Jones) was among the line-up of old favourites for the channel’s final night on air, paid tribute to BBC3 and all that it had offered him as he introduced the last BBC3 TV broadcast of the Welsh/English comedy.

BBC boss Tony Hall is rather excited about it, commenting that the channel feels like a “start-up” at a recent launch event:

“I was with the team briefly last week… and the atmosphere is really magic. It’s exciting. It feels a bit like a start up. I love the feeling of going and being with Damian [Kavanagh, BBC3 controller]’s team. It feels creative, energetic and mischievous as well, just as it should be.”


And if you’re still confused about ‘what’s occurin?’ with the channel’s move online, here’s our handy guide.