New BBC3 feels “like a start-up” says director general Tony Hall

The BBC boss called the channel's move online "creative, energetic and mischievous," adding "the atmosphere is really magic"


Tony Hall says the new internet-only BBC3 feels “like a start-up.” The channel is in the midst of huge changes as it prepares to switch off and go online next month, and the director general revealed “the atmosphere is really magic” in BBC3’s offices as the move approaches.


Speaking at an event on Monday night where the channel showcased new commissions, Hall continued, “I was with the team briefly last week… and the atmosphere is really magic. It’s exciting. It feels a bit like a start up. I love the feeling of going and being with Damian [Kavanagh, BBC3 controller]’s team. It feels creative, energetic and mischievous as well, just as it should be.”

The “start-up” sentiment was reflected by Kavanagh, who discussed the freedom and flexibility the channel now has. BBC3 will be reacting to public opinion, trying out new platforms and changing their approach when they need to. The sense is that a lot of their plans are still ‘TBC’.

“I also want to underscore one thing Damian said, which is something I think is really important for this but also for the BBC, and that is backing new talent,” Hall continued. “I think that is one of the most important roles of the BBC: backing new talent, finding new talent, giving talent a chance to speak, to find its voice and to have confidence. It’s so important.”

“I want people to look back on the new BBC3 and see it as the place that spotted the next James Corden, the next Aidan Turner, the next whoever,” concluded Hall, calling BBC3’s move online a “new adventure.”


BBC3 will move online on 16th February