Two shock proposals on Coronation Street – full details revealed

Will either couple make it to the altar?

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Love is in the air on next week’s Coronation Street when two couples get engaged. But could one of the grooms-to-be be getting big doubts about his proposal?


The unlikely catalyst for these romantic cliffhangers is elderly Flora McArdle, who discovers that she’s been left £250,000 thanks to some shrewd investments made by her late son Vinny.

Spotting her chance to get some hands on some cash for her floristry business, canny Tracy starts to make out that she was Vinny’s best friend. But sensing that Tracy is trying to take advantage, Daniel ends up lashing out.

“It’s typical Tracy and Daniel’s not impressed,” says actor Rob Mallard. “So he ends up revealing that Steve kissed Michelle on her wedding day! Daniel spends a lot of his time keeping his opinions to himself. But he thinks Tracy deserves this!”

The outburst from Daniel looks set to leave Tracy’s relationship with love cheat Steve temporarily in jeopardy. However, it also gives Tracy a major grievance against Daniel and she’s soon on the lookout for the chance to get her revenge.


That opportunity for retribution comes later next week when Flora hands her mother’s engagement ring to Daniel and encourages him to propose to Sinead.

Stewing because of what’s happened to her, Tracy fails to congratulate the happy couple and instead schemes to get her own partner Steve to pop the question.

Cornering Steve outside the Rovers, Tracy tells him she thinks he’s only with her to please Amy.

Trying his best to put Tracy’s mind at ease, Steve says that he loves her – and then finds himself inadvertently proposing. As an ecstatic Tracy accepts, Steve can’t help but wonder what he’s done!


As for Daniel, he’s not at all happy that his limelight has been stolen. Says Mallard: “Daniel becomes quite petulant. Everyone is trying to be diplomatic, but Daniel just wants them all to see that Steve’s proposal as a sham and his as the real deal. He feels it’s diluted his moment.”

But the actor himself is still relishing the prospect of some on-screen nuptials for Daniel and Sinead: “I’ve never filmed a wedding before. I’ve been a guest at a few, but never my own.

“I can’t imagine it would be a very traditional wedding, especially if Sinead was in charge. It could be quite different.”


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