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It's Gary and Maria's wedding in Coronation Street, but will the big day go as planned?

It may not be the happy day that Maria was hoping for...

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Published: Tuesday, 11th August 2020 at 4:00 pm

Wedding days are normally a joyous day full of love, laugher and celebration. Unless of course, it's a soap wedding when they are just as likely to include tears, betrayal and drama – and Coronation Street is no exception.


The couple set to tie the knot this time are Gary Windass and Maria Connor (Mikey North and Samia Longchambon). But this wedding appears to be jinxed from the start with not only Gary's murderous secret hanging over his head but also his lingering feelings for Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien).

On the day of the wedding there's tension in the air as David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) has discovered that Gary still loves his sister.

Adamant that Gary needs to sort this mess out, David tells him that he needs to make a choice once and for all- before he even thinks about going through with the wedding. But as the ceremony is due to start, both the bride and groom appear to be running late.

Will the wedding even go ahead, and who will Gary choose?

gary wedding david coronation street

There's more than one marriage on the rocks, too – Sarah's marriage to Adam (Sam Robertson) is on thin ice with Adam furious that she continues to protect Gary by not going to the police with what she knows about Rick Neelan's death. But does she have stronger feelings for Gary?

Speaking exclusively to about Sarah's complicated marriage to Adam, O'Brien said: “If she wants this marriage to work she needs to be more honest. That’s what I’d say if I was her friend, anyway. Sarah should tell Adam what happened with Callum and hope he understands why she kept it from him. She’s scared to.

"It was a very bad time in her life and she feels vulnerable and doesn’t want to revisit it. Maybe she’s worried he’ll look at her differently?"

The wedding will air next week on ITV, so we do not have long to wait to learn if ends happily... for now at least.


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