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Kelly Neelan in danger as hitman Kieron turns on her in Coronation Street

She had second thoughts over her revenge plot.

Kieron and Kelly, Coronation Street
Published: Wednesday, 21st September 2022 at 9:00 pm
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Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) found herself in serious danger in tonight's Coronation Street (21st September), after she called off her revenge plot.


When Kelly found out that Gary Windass (Mikey North) killed her father Rick (Greg Wood), she was seething. Her rage led her down a path of no return as she hired her kidnapper Kieron to murder Gary for the sum of £10,000.

Tonight, as Kelly and Aadi Alahan's (Adam Hussain) engagement party got under way, the teen was anxious as she kept up appearances with Gary and his wife Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon).

Maria offered to do Kelly's hair and make-up, and as she did so, Kelly asked her if she had any regrets about standing by Gary during his days of dodgy dealing for her father.

Maria was unnerved, but kept smiling as she claimed that she was happy with Gary. Kelly forged ahead with her plan to leave the country with Aadi the following day - with Aadi unaware that she had booked them one-way tickets. Kieron called, planning to execute their scheme straight away rather than after Kelly had gone, as she had wanted.

At the Bistro, young Jake Windass and Liam Connor presented their 'big sister' Kelly with a photo of them all as a family, and Gary took to the stage to declare how happy he was to have Kelly in his life.

As the crowd were moved by his words, Kelly and Gary shared a hug; but, knowing that Kieron and his associate were waiting outside, she coldly revealed to Gary that she knew he had killed her dad.

Kelly ran out of the party with Gary following, only for him to find her standing next to a van with Kieron. Gary was bundled into the vehicle and driven away, leaving Kelly watching on. She headed back inside to join Aadi, but it wasn't long before she panicked over her actions and made a desperate call to Kieron.

Gary in Coronation Street
Gary was in grave danger. (ITV) ITV

Kieron and his crony were busy aiming a gun at Gary in the very same woods where he had committed murder. He was ordered to dig his own grave, and as Gary complied, Kieron received a plea from Kelly to let Gary go. She explained that she would still transfer the promised money as long as he set Gary free.

Kelly and Aadi headed to their hotel for the night, with Kelly breathing a secret sigh of relief that she had come to her senses. But although Kieron had left Gary alone, his accomplice was still keeping watch over him.

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Gary eventually managed to overpower the man, hitting him with a shovel and ensuring he hadn't killed yet another person, before sending Kelly a warning that Kieron was after her.

Meanwhile, Kieron called Kelly to meet him outside, and she agreed. But as she approached him, she was bundled into his van. It seems that Kieron isn't going to risk leaving Kelly alone when his freedom could be at stake.

As a terrified Kelly was driven away, is she about to lose her life? Or will Gary be able to come to her rescue?

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