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Coronation Street: what is Adam Barlow's history with drug dealer Ronan?

A reminder of who Ronan is - and what his return means for Corrie

Published: Monday, 17th September 2018 at 7:15 pm

Adam Barlow gets an unwelcome blast from the past in Coronation Street tonight when drug dealer Ronan Truman (Alan McKenna) returns in need of help. Monday's double bill will see Ronan resurface when he turns up on the Street to ask Adam to get a job for Cormac, who has recently been released from a Young Offenders' Institute.


For those in need of a reminder, Ronan first appeared on the ITV soap last year (then played by Colin Tierney) when he was set to be on the recipient of some drugs (inadvertently brought into the country by Rosie Webster) that Adam wanted to sell. But when Ronan discovered that Adam had slept with his girlfriend Trina, the sinister Mr Truman demanded that he pay the money back and ended up threatening the welfare of both Tracy and Amy.


The trouble was that Ken had discovered all about his grandson's illegal activities and burned Adam stash of cash! Cue Adam being hospitalised after taking a brutal beating from Ronan.

Now, Ronan's demands will result in his son Cormac getting a job in the kitchens at the Bistro. And pretty soon, it's discovered that Cormac knows Michelle's son Ryan from their days together as pupils at Weatherfield High. But Ran is surprised to hear that Cormac is - like his father - still dealing drugs.

It has already been revealed in tabloid press leaks that the introduction of Cormac will bring with it big drama for the Connors this autumn. It is believed that Cormac will collapse and die from an overdose and that Ryan will become the target of the revenge-fuelled Truman family - a vendetta that looks set to result in a big car crash that puts the lives of Ryan, Ali and Michelle in jeopardy.


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