Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) left husband Steve (Simon Gregson) crestfallen in tonight's Coronation Street (26th February 2024), when she made it clear that their marriage was over.


Last week, Steve's friend Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and his wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) discovered that Tracy has been enjoying a fling with Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn).

To add insult to injury, former footballer Tommy has been an idol of Steve's for years!

Oblivious Steve told Amy (Elle Mulvaney), the daughter he shares with Tracy, that he was planning to ask Tracy to renew their wedding vows.

But outside, Tim ignored Sally's advice to keep quiet, telling Tracy that he knew about her cheating - and that it was time to come clean.

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Matt Milburn and Kate Ford as Tommy and Tracy. They are leaning against a wall and are looking up at one another smiling
Matt Milburn and Kate Ford as Tommy and Tracy. ITV

After speaking to Tommy, who also encouraged her to tell Steve the truth, Tracy planned to do just that - only to walk in on an elaborate proposal from Steve!

Feeling guilty as Amy watched on, Tracy said yes to Steve's request.

Tim was baffled when an upbeat Steve paid him a visit, asking him to be his best man.

But Tim couldn't bear to see Steve made a fool of, and after a series of ill-timed football-related puns, Tim finally spilled the beans about Tommy and Tracy.

Steve was stunned, and eventually left to confront Tracy. She seemed genuinely remorseful, but when Steve hoped that they could find a way through her infidelity, she gently explained that Steve was like a comfy cardigan, and she needed a wardrobe change!

While Steve insisted that he didn't even own a cardigan, Tracy was clear that she felt their marriage was over.

Steve was later supported by Tim and Sally, but he lied that Tracy had begged him to take her back. Is this truly the end of the road for the McDonalds' marriage?

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