It was largely a very Merry Christmas on Coronation Street, as most of the residents of Weatherfield joined their loved ones for a quiet time.


But one was stressed out a little more than others – Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) had to cook for many more Barlows than she thought, and with Ken's declaration that it would be alcohol free, it's safe to say she was unhappy.

Tracy skipped away to the florist for a moment of quiet, where she ended up opening a bottle of wine she'd got for Mary and started drinking it.

As she settled into the quiet, a man entered the shop, despite the fact they were closed.

The well-dressed man told her his name was Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn) – not that Tracy knew who he was from Adam.

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Nevertheless, the pair shared a nice interaction, if not a little flirty from Tommy's part.

Coronation Street's Tommy Orpington.
Coronation Street's Tommy Orpington. ITV

If only Tracy knew she'd just met the great Tommy Orpington!

Earlier in the year, Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod told press including that Tommy would return for Christmas Day after the end of his footballing career.

MacLeod said: "You'll see Tommy again on Christmas Day! Since leaving football, he has made some bad business investments, including opening a Tommy Orpington-themed gourmet burger restaurant. They've all gone belly up!

"Tommy's wife has left him – and he's now had to return to the trade he had when he was a non-league footballer, which is painter and decorator. You'd think, given all that, it'd be quite miserable – but he's not at all.

"Tommy actually finds the act of painting and decorating quite zen because no-one's telling him what to do. He hasn't got the gaffer screaming at him – he can just whip out his paint and his roller and stick his ear buds in, and he finds it quite meditative."

MacLeod divulged Tommy's return would also cause trouble for one relationship, with a female catching his eye.

"He's in a good place where we find him. There might be one of our female characters that needs some decorating done.

"A story evolves where this attractive, historically successful man arrives into one of our female character's lives and upsets the apple cart in fairly spectacular fashion," the producer said.

Is this Tracy? And what would die-hard Weatherfield County fan Steve say?

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