Coronation Street spoilers: watch Sophie and Paula’s first kiss – see the full scene

Get a sneak peek look at Wednesday's Corrie drama

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It’s all getting very amorous on Coronation Street as Sophie Webster shares her first kiss with her mum’s lawyer Paula Martin – and you get a first look at the moment they lock lips right here.


After Sally’s attempt to match-make Sophie with Paula’s daughter Isla backfires, the solicitor ends up admitting that she is interested in Sophie herself! With the chemistry sizzling, Paula tells Sophie reveals that she’s bisexual – and Sophie then leans in for a kiss

“There’s a nice little flirtation where they’re both toying with the idea of being involved with each other and Sophie then makes the decision that this is going to happen,” says actress Stirling Gallacher. “Paula then has to think about whether or not she’s willing to risk her working relationship because it’s not a sensible move to get involved with someone’s daughter when you’re representing them in such a way.”

So are either of them concerned about Sally’s potential reaction? After all, Paula is now representing Sally following the accusations of fraud made against her. And getting involved with a cleint’s daughter probably isn’t the most professional move.

“Paula thinks she can handle it,” continues the actress. “She isn’t scared of the consequences. Nothing bad has happened, though – it’s just a poorly timed relationship. But if and when Sally finds out about the relationship, there might be a bit of a frisson.”


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