Coronation Street spoilers: Paula Lane on Kylie Platt’s shock Christmas exit

“It’s incredibly emotional, raw and very sad,” says the actress

Kylie’s past is to shatter Christmas present when ex-boyfriend Callum lets himself into the Platt house, introduces himself as both her drug dealer and Max’s dad and proceeds to have a full-on fight with David.


Events will reach a terrible crescendo for Kylie on Christmas Day when David arrives home to find Callum in his living room and brandishing a bag of drugs in Kylie’s face.

“The situation couldn’t look any worse,” admits Paula Lane, who plays Kylie. “Callum has the drugs right there, as though Kylie’s been asking for them and he’s just handed them to her. It’s really bad timing and Kylie is absolutely devastated. David demands to know what’s going on and Callum absolutely relishes the situation.”

So, is that what prompts David and Callum to start slugging it out? “Well, Callum really enjoys winding David up. He says to him, ‘Don’t you just love her when she’s angry,’ and keeps making little remarks that imply he and Kylie have been having an affair. He insinuates that they’ve been seeing each other and that he’s been giving Kylie a lot more than just speed. David just completely sees red.”

Viewers have already seen Kylie become increasingly reliant on speed over the past few months. And while David’s caught his wife buying and using drugs, he’s never suspected that her ex-boyfriend Callum was the supplier.

So will this confrontation lead to Kylie’s temporary exit from Weatherfield? After all, we do know that Lane herself is set to go on maternity leave at some point over the festive point…

“I won’t say too much, but it’s incredibly emotional, raw and very sad,” confirms the actress. “Kylie and David manage to get rid of Callum, but David is adamant that they’re going to have the Christmas Day that they’d planned for the kids. He keeps her hanging on all day and she feels like the condemned man waiting to see how it will all pan out. It’s excruciatingly painful for everyone involved.”

What we do know though is that Kylie does end up leaving David and the kids behind – so how hard will it be for her to do that? “Gosh. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. She’s going to be completely shattered. But I think that, at this point, Kylie has no self worth and she believes that they’d all be much better off without her.”


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