6 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Yasmeen lashes out, plus Gary issues a warning

And Daniel makes a return

yasmeen wine bottle

Yasmeen finally snaps and it could have dire consequences for Geoff on Coronation Street next week.


Plus, Gary makes a discovery that leads him to issue a warning.

Here are all your spoilers for Coronation Street between 27th April and 1st May.

Yasmeen gets a shock

coronation street yasmeen

Things come to a head between Yasmeen and Geoff this week, and it all starts when Yasmeen gets a diagnosis that leaves her reeling. When she pays a visit to Dr Gaddas, he gives her news that she wasn’t expecting – she has chlamydia. Whilst her thoughts immediately turn to the escorts that Geoff has been sleeping with, he wastes no time in accusing her of infidelity so he can try and dodge the blame. But when he learns that it can sometimes be something you have for a long while without realising, he uses Sharif as a possible cause for how she contracted it. Hurt and angry, Yasmeen begins considering all the options. But as Geoff’s torment of her steps up, this could well be the time that she finally snaps…

Asha’s problems get worse

coronation street asha

After learning that a video of her going topless has been shared online, Asha is distraught and ashamed that people are seeing something that was meant to be personal. Dev meanwhile is furious that something like this could have happened and didn’t hesitate at reporting the incident to the police- something Asha made clear she didn’t want him to do. Now, the fallout of that is becoming clear when she is verbally abused in the kebab shop and she begins to think that the nightmare will never end. She tries to talk to Dev about it and to beg him to withdraw the complaint he has made – it’s the only way she can see her torment coming to an end. As she gets more nasty messages about it, she loses her temper and destroys her phone. Will Dev do as Asha asks?

Gary takes action when he learns a secret

coronation street kelly gary

In the aftermath of killing Rick, Gary has made sure that he pays Rick’s daughter’s school fees to help ease his conscience. This week, he learns that Kelly has actually left the school and the reason for her doing so rings alarm bells – the fees haven’t been paid. Realising something is amiss, he correctly assumes that her mother, Laura, must be pocketing the money for herself. He talks to Laura directly about it and makes sure that he leaves her with food for thought; if Rick finds out she is taking the money for herself, he’ll kill her. She gets the message and makes a quick exit but is spotted by Maria who asks Gary what the chat was about and who she was. How will he explain his way out of this one?

The end of the road for Geoff?

coronation street yasmeen geoff

Geoff ups his torment of Yasmeen following her diagnosis and when he rumbles an escape attempt, he begins to act even crueller than he has in the past. Forcing her to leave the house in a sexy and revealing outfit that doesn’t even fit her, she finds herself out in public and shamed in front of all of her friends. Having barely eaten and been subjected to so much, Yasmeen is on the edge and when she and Geoff return home after the pub, the situation escalates and turns to violence. Geoff takes great pleasure in telling her she is wearing a dress meant for one of his escorts and she snaps at hearing it, grabbing a wine bottle and engaging in a struggle with him. The result leaves Geoff being left for dead on the kitchen floor. Has Yasmeen killed her abusive husband?

Elsewhere on Coronation Street

  • There’s a boiler problem at Number 1 and Tracy is determined to prove that as it’s her house, she is more than capable of organising calling someone out to fix it. What she doesn’t count on though is the cost involved in getting a boiler fixed. Will she have to ask for help after all?
  • Daniel makes his return to the cobbles this week. Meeting up with Ken to discuss what it was like while he was away, Daniel reveals that the retreat was just what he needed. Are happier times on the cards for him now?

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