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Coronation Street's Gary Windass lines up next victim

Could Gary be ready to claim another victim in Coronation Street?

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Published: Tuesday, 21st April 2020 at 2:24 pm

Coronation Street's Gary Windass (Mikey North) is intrigued when he learns that Kelly Neelan is no longer attending her private school, one that was rather posh and certainly wasn't cheap.


The reason he is so interested in this? Well, he has been secretly paying the fees after killing her father, Rick, and so when he hears that she has left because her mother, Claire, could no longer afford the cost, he is immediately suspicious that something isn't quite right...

Suspecting Claire must be pocketing the money herself, choosing her own financial gain over her child getting a good education, he can't help but get involved - even if that does put his dark, murderous secret at risk.

When Claire turns up to see him at the furniture shop, he sees this as his opportunity to try and nudge her into making the right decision for her daughter.

Telling her that he has been in touch with Rick, he says that he knows that he is still paying the fees and urges her to think about what might happen if he ever found out that she was taking the cash for herself.

He even goes as far as to bluntly say that Rick will kill her if he ever learned the truth.

But with Rick gone, does Gary actually mean that he will kill her?

coronation street gary windass claire

Regardless, it looks like his interference has done the trick and Claire makes a hasty exit- scared for her life by Gary's words.

Unfortunately though, she is spotted leaving by Maria who wastes no time in asking Gary who the mysterious woman he was talking to was.

With so much on the line and so many secrets he needs to keep, least of all his crimes, he is left with the task of having to talk himself out a hole whilst making sure that she doesn't grow suspicious.

How long can Gary continue to keep Ricks murder a secret? And will he ever be driven to kill again?


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