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6 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Dev learns Asha's sexting secret, plus Ken's big decision

And Geoff has new plans

Published: Saturday, 18th April 2020 at 6:15 am

Asha’s online actions have new consequences and she's about to learn the true extent of them on Coronation Street next week.


Plus, Ken has to come to a drastic realisation about his life in Stillwaters.

Here's all your spoilers for Coronation Street between 20th and 24th April.

Asha is in turmoil


How do you keep your teenage children safe while they’re online? It’s a question a lot of parents will be asking themselves at the moment, what with their bored offspring communicating solely on devices after being physically separated from friends and peers. It’s even become a problem on the Street, which despite currently being in a virus-free bubble, has found one of its teen characters taking a big risk on FaceTime and then ruing her actions.

As we’ve seen, Asha’s world has come crashing down after a video of her going topless was swiped and shared. Now, word reaches her dad Dev who first rails at and then consoles his sobbing daughter. And when Aadi later reveals that Asha’s video has made its way onto the internet, Dev decides to head to the police station – a move that leaves his daughter furious.

Ken’s big decision


Ken has the proof he needs to demonstrate that corrupt Charles has deposited all the payments from the Stillwaters residents into a personal bank account. But after publicly exposing his adversary, Ken finds he and Claudia have reached an impasse where their relationship is concerned. He explains that the retirement complex will never be his home, while she wants to stay put. Ken is someone who’s spent his whole adult life dreaming of new horizons, but might he be destined to head back to No 1?

Geoff’s new fears


Fans hoping to see Yasmeen send Geoff packing may have to wait a little longer. He’s found a pamphlet she received about domestic abuse and so decides to take a different approach by creating a divide between his wife and her best mate Cathy. When Geoff manipulates the situation so that Cathy ends up getting offended and storming off, Yasmeen looks to be getting even more isolated as Geoff warns her that she’s now lost a friend.

Mystery at the Rovers


Despite her pint-pulling leaving a lot to be desired, Carla agrees that she and Peter will move in to run the pub and take care of Scott, so that Jenny can accompany Johnny on his trip to France. But something mysterious is going on where Johnny and Scott are concerned, and when the pair eventually come face to face, Scott is full of assurances that there are no hard feelings about what went on in their past. As Johnny and Jenny head to the airport, there’s a definite sense that the Rovers landlord is desperate to keep a secret under wraps.

Elsewhere on Coronation Street

  • Sally and Tim ask Kevin and Abi to be the witnesses at their wedding. Kevin then offers to be best man and Tim cagily agrees – before confiding in Sally that he’s already asked his dad Geoff.
  • Plus Gary finds Kelly in tears outside No 7 and is shocked to learn that she was turfed out of Oakhill when funds supplied by her loan-shark dad Rick stopped coming in. How will Gary feel knowing that he’s responsible for Rick having met his maker?

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