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What is Johnny Connor's connection to Scott? 5 theories on Coronation Street newcomer's secret

The Rovers landlord got an unwelcome blast from the past

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Published: Wednesday, 15th April 2020 at 7:55 pm

A friendly newcomer made quite an impression in Coronation Street on Wednesday 15th April, but not everyone on the cobbles was won over by the easy-going charm of Scott Emberton (Tom Roberts) who is set to become the Rovers' lodger - particularly Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley).


The pub boss looked ashen when he caught sight of Scott flirting with the punters, and it transpires the two men have a shared secret history.

In upcoming episodes Johnny and his new tenant confirm in public they are old acquaintances and it all seems very convivial, but when they're alone it's a different story as Mr Connor is clearly uncomfortable around the mysterious Scott, who assures him there are no hard feelings about what went on between them in the past…

The more desperate Johnny is to conceal the true nature of their connection, the more we want to know the truth. In the absence of anything concrete (so far), here are some theories…


The most obvious line of thought is that Scott is a long-lost Connor with unfinished business. The blokes could be brothers who drifted apart because of some fraught family business, maybe Scott was cast out of the clan for some misdemeanour and his very existence is a dark secret the close-knit kin have tried to hide for years? Or could Scott's arrival impact on another member of Johnny's nearest and dearest he's trying to protect - what about daughter Carla, who hasn't had a juicy storyline in ages?


Johnny's facial expression on seeing Scott had the familiar air of someone being caught out, and the subsequent conversation between them about 'no hard feelings' lends itself to the possibility they were involved romantically. Has Johnny been hiding in the closet for years, secretly struggling with his sexuality? Or were they part of a love triangle - did he steal Scott's wife and he's back for revenge?


Of course the other reason for the 'I've got something to hide' face is the fear of a criminal past being exposed - we get the feeling Johnny has had quite the life, and the Connors' backstory of coming from a rough housing estate and not always being on the right side of the law means it's entirely feasible Mr C has spent some time behind bars, something he wouldn't want snobby wife Jenny to know about. Maybe Scott was his cellmate?



We've established this is not a happy reunion between two old schoolmates who want to reminisce about bunking off to shoplift up the precinct, what if they committed some kind of heinous crime in their teens that they covered up together and vowed never to speak of again? Did they accidentally murder someone and bury the body? Or stage a robbery that went wrong and someone ended up dead?


On the flip side, perhaps Johnny and Scott survived some horrific incident they would rather not be reminded of? Kidnapped and held hostage by a crazed gunmen? Trapped in a burning building? A bungled bungee jump while they were on holiday? Anything is possible…


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