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5 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: big Blackpool drama, plus Geoff tricks Yasmeen

And Bethany wants a future with Daniel

Published: Saturday, 1st February 2020 at 9:00 am

It's a high-profile week on Coronation Street, with a major landmark marked with a trip to Blackpool. Here's your guide to all that's happening in Weatherfield (and at the seaside) between the 3rd and 7th of February 2020.


Big Blackpool drama


The perimeters of Coronation Street have always been patrolled by scriptwriting sentries who punish anyone who strays too far from Weatherfield. Disaster awaits those who leave those behind those boundaries, particularly when they venture to Blackpool. Remember Alan Bradley getting hit by a tram? Young Simon Barlow going missing? Little Jack Webster almost getting himself killed? I seem to remember Vera Duckworth merely mentioning that she wanted to retire there before she died in her armchair.

And yet despite the seaside resort being cursed, the Corrie regulars are off there again on Friday, just in time for the soap’s 10,000thepisode on Friday. The reason for the trip is all down to Rita (Barbara Knox) receiving a parcel containing the ashes of Dennis Tanner along with a note requesting that she scatter them in Blackpool. Next thing you know, Jenny’s booked a coach and the likes of Ken, Audrey, Mary, Sally and Carla all accompanying Rita and the urn. Needless to say, the day out is not without incident.

Geoff's cruel trick on Yasmeen


Those fretting about the welfare of Yasmeen will have more cause for worry on Monday. Geoff may be looking all glitzy in that bright sparkly waistcoat, but, as we know, there’s darkness in that man’s soul. And when a magic trick he’s performing goes awry, it’s Yasmeen who gets the blame. Hence her getting locked in a box by her abuser while he cruelly goes to the pub.

Nina seeks refuge


I can’t help but feel that Corrie killed off Roy’s long-lost brother Richard too quickly. In the rush to give the beloved café owner another waif to look after in Richard’s daughter Nina, the writers opted not to explore an interesting sibling bond. But we are where we are, and Wednesday’s drama finds Roy discovering that a desperate Nina has been seen going through the factory bins. Later on, she turns up at the café and confesses that she’s homeless – all of which leads to Roy offering her his sofa to sleep on.

Bethany wants Daniel


A conflicted Bethany seems to think that Daniel is the man for her, though she's unaware that the grieving widower mistook her for his late wife Sinead last week. When Bethany tells Sarah about her feelings, she thinks her daughter is getting ahead of herself. But with actress Lucy Fallon set to leave the soap soon, surely Bethany and Daniel's tentative relationship is doomed from the outset?

Tim woos Sally


Finally, lovable dolt Tim tries to win Sally back in the midst of his bigamy drama. Sal shows signs of softening when she gives Tim and Charlie's divorce papers the once over, but is then left bemused to find a mocked-up wedding invitation inviting her to her own nuptials. What reaction will Tim get when Sally confronts him in the Rovers?


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