There are a few secrets set to spill out onto the cobbles next week. Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) is still in the dark over who spiked her drink. But will Max Turner (Paddy Bever) admit everything? Meanwhile, Amy's boyfriend Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) still finds himself public enemy number one: especially with her cousin Simon Barlow (Alex Bain). Can Jacob earn his trust?


Sally and Tim Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine) are no closer to resolving their intimacy issues, while Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) is being kept away from beau George Shuttleworth's (Tony Maudsley) home. But why?

Toyah and Leanne Battersby (Georgia Taylor and Jane Danson) are clashing over Toyah's upcoming wedding, while Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) comes up with a new plan for Speed Daal. Will it help repair her rift with grandmother Yasmeen (Shelley King)?

Here's everything you need to know on Coronation Street from 25th - 29th April 2022.

1. Will Max confess to his crime?

Will Max finally be honest? ITV

Since Max spiked Amy's drink thinking it was teacher Daniel Osbourne's (Rob Mallard) at the disco, the only people who are aware are Daniel himself, and Max's guardians David and Shona Platt (Jack P Shepherd and Julia Goulding).

Despite the fact that Amy is his niece, Daniel initially agreed to keep quiet. But in light of Max recently sharing invasive images of Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson), which caused her to lose her job, he is furious. Daniel tells the teen he must confess, but Max is sure the man is bluffing. When Amy is spooked by another boy, though, Daniel insists it's time Max took responsibility. Will he confess - and what will happen next?

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2. Jacob tries to convince people he's changed

Jacob struggles to shake off his mistakes ITV

Jacob has been trying to prove himself since turning over a new leaf after his involvement in evil Harvey Gaskell's (Will Mellor) drugs operation. While her cousin Simon is still fuming with Jacob for luring him into trouble last year, Jacob's girlfriend Amy tries to help by asking Carla Barlow (Alison King) to hire him.

Carla is wary, but admires Amy's cheek and agrees to a trial. But the rest of the family are stunned by Carla's disloyalty, and Simon turns on her before publicly calling out Jacob over his past. Later in the week, Jacob fools Simon into believing he's got a stash of drugs. When he reveals he was hiding a pack of biscuits, the pair end up talking properly. Will hearing of Jacob's own ordeal with Harvey change Simon's perception of him?

3. Toyah feels hurt by Leanne

Toyah needs her sister's support

With Toyah all set to marry Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) after choosing to forgive him for his betrayal, her stepsister Leanne is worried about how quickly the wedding is happening. Given how hurt Toyah was over Imran's one night stand with Abi Webster (Sally Carman) which resulted in baby Alfie, Leanne's concern is understandable.

But Toyah merely wants her sister's unconditional support, and is left upset over Leanne's attitude. She tells her not to come to the nuptials if she can't be truly happy for her. Leanne feels awful, and later offers Toyah her blessing. But is Toyah really so certain of her decision, and will her big day go without a hitch?

4. Tim struggles with his setback

Sally wants Tim to discuss their problem ITV

Tim continues to avoid addressing his impotence, while wife Sally simply wants to talk about it. After dismissing her, Tim later apologises, admitting he is worried and embarrassed about his problem. Sally assures her husband she is happy enough with a cuddle.

As the week progresses, though, Sally asks Tim to make a doctors' appointment. He refuses, still feeling shame about what's going on. Sally is at a loss, frustrated by Tim's behaviour. Eventually, he agrees to go and see Dr Gaddas, and Sally is relieved. Can the couple find a way to work through their intimacy issues?

5. George's secret

What is George keeping from Eileen? ITV

Eileen has been left confused by George's secretive behaviour of late, as he keeps finding excuses not to stay at the house with her. Next week, he claims she can't come over to his place wither due to his overprotective cat, Ridley.

It's certainly the most daft excuse heard in soapland in a while, and Eileen and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) are later caught red-handed snooping in George's garden to check things out. When Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) quizzes his boss over the situation, will he explain? And just what has he been hiding?

7. Alya's big idea

coronation street yasmeen metcalfe alya nazir
Alya makes plans ITV

Alya tells Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) she wants to cook extra food at the restaurant and share it amongst the community as a way of celebrating Eid. When Yasmeen hears about the venture, she offers to help.

Alya is pleasantly surprised, as her gran hasn't been speaking to her or brother Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar) since learning of their deception at Speed Daal. Stu informs Zeedan of Alya's plans, and wishes he could join in. Will the family ever be reunited?

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