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Leanne is in serious danger in Coronation Street as she faces Harvey's wrath

Will Leanne pay the price for working with the police?

coronation street leanne battersby
Published: Tuesday, 30th March 2021 at 11:00 am

As if things haven't been awful enough for Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) in recent months in Coronation Street, now she's found herself caught up in the drugs world, and scary Harvey (Will Mellor) is making her life a misery.


After stepping in to help her son Simon (Alex Bain), who had already gotten himself in deep with the drug dealing, Leanne felt she had to go to the police. However she was horrified to be arrested herself, and forced to work with the cops to bring Harvey and his criminal enterprise down.

What was already a tense situation has now got even worse, and things look set to get far more frightening for Leanne before they get any better, as Harvey realises he's being duped.

The drama unfolds when Ned, one of Harvey's dealers, turns up at Leanne's house and announces he is there to use her home as a safe place to bag up all the drugs, ready for the next wave of deliveries. But when Leanne starts asking too many questions, Ned is led to suspect that she may be hiding something.

coronation street harvey

Leanne and Simon work together to convince Ned that everything is fine, and Leanne heads out under the guise of having some shopping to do - but actually she is off to meet the police to give them all the details on the latest developments.

But things only go downhill from there, as Harvey arrives, witnessed by several other people on the street, and insists that he wants Simon to go with him on his latest drop. Leanne does all she can to convince Harvey to take her instead but he insists that Simon has to be the one to go with him.

Harvey's already suspicious, and before long he finds out that he has been set up, making a dramatic return to the street to confront Leanne about the betrayal. Will anyone be able to help her, or will Harvey make sure that she regrets even considering double-crossing him?


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