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Coronation Street: Mary's son Jude reveals his big secret

As it turns out, Jude knows nothing about marine biology

Published: Friday, 6th April 2018 at 7:55 pm

Jude Appleton (Paddy Wallace) has revealed on tonight's Coronation Street that he isn't a marine biologist at all - and is, in fact, an employee in a gift shop.


Prior to this evening's first episode, Jude had been acting cagey whenever the topic of his job came up and was obviously reluctant for his family to pay him a visit in the workplace.

Scenes just shown saw Jude's lack of knowledge about marine biology come to light when he was witnessed buying some specialist magazines from the Kabin.

When Mary then revealed that she and Angie were going to surprise Jude at work for lunch, an already suspicious Tracy decided to tag along.


A cliffhanger moment then saw Mary and Tracy arrive first and head on inside while Angie took a phone call, only of the pair to then find Jude at work behind the counter among the marine biology merchandise.

Jude was then seen confessing to Mary and Tracy that he knows nothing about marine biology and begging for them not to breathe a word to Angie.

But will they agree to keep Jude's secret? Find out when Coronation Street returns at 8.30pm.

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