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Coronation Street: Johnny and Jenny's 'new look' Rovers is FINALLY revealed

But the evening ends in disaster for the owners

Published: Friday, 24th August 2018 at 8:55 pm

Johnny and Jenny Connor have sprung a surprise on the residents of Coronation Street with their reopening of the beloved Rovers Return. Prior to the relaunch, the news owners at the pub had been promising a new era for the backstreet boozer. Gone would be Betty's hot pot, in would come a gastropub menu complete with halloumi kebabs and beetroot burgers. The Connors had also teased that the establishment itself would be changing its name from Rovers Return to simply Roverz.


But tonight's double bill saw the big unveiling reveal that Johnny and Jenny had changed...absolutely nothing. Yes, the Rovers was looking exactly the same - and the new landlord and landlady were very amused that they'd managed to hoodwink everyone and attract so many customers in the process. "The Rovers is the Rovers - a Weatherfield landmark, a timeless reminder of how pubs used to be. And should be," said Johnny at the start of a (longwinded, it has to be said) speech.


The trouble was, though, that opening night didn't exactly go to plan thanks to the scheming of desperate employee Henry, who is under pressure to repay £20,o00 to two heavies. After being sent to the cellar to change a barrel, Henry ended up emerging with a broken arm - and a plan to sue Johnny and Jenny!


Next week's episodes of Coronation Street will see Gemma learn the truth about Henry: namely, that he faked the injury and intends to con the Connors out of the cash he needs to repay his debt. But will she decide to help him with his scam? Or is Gemma destined to turn her back on her duplicitous boyfriend?


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