Coronation Street has tonight revealed that Jim McDonald is deceiving ex-wife Liz with his claims that their daughter Katie didn’t die back in 1992.


This week’s episodes have seen Jim give Liz the life-changing news that their daughter, who they believed died when she was just hours old after a premature birth, is actually still live.

And the first part of tonight’s double bill saw Liz take Eileen along for support as she met Jim and Hannah (the name that the woman is now going by) for lunch. Liz was seen getting overcome with emotion as she told Hannah that she’d waited all her life for this day.

But after the pair hugged and made an agreement to meet again, Hannah revealed her true colours to viewers.


While sitting in a car with Jim, Hannah was seen saying that meeting Liz was “harder than I thought it would be”. Jim then replied, “You made your old dad proud, so you did”, only for Hannah to turn to him and say, “Less of the old. Certainly less of the dad. You’re neither.” The episode then ended with the pair kissing passionately!

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A Corrie insider had teased earlier this week that all was not as it initially appeared were Jim and Hannah were concerned, commenting to Inside Soap: “It will become clear that they’re not entirely on the level and that there’s a specific reason that they’ve come back to the Street.

"They’ve concocted a wicked scheme – one that will leave Liz absolutely broken if she ever finds out.”

More will be revealed about the duplicity when Coronation Street returns at 8.30pm. And you can read actor Charles Lawson’s reaction to Jim’s comeback storyline this evening at 9.00pm here at

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