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Coronation Street crash flashbacks expose Toyah Battersby lie

A flashback showed the circumstances of the fatal crash.

Published: Friday, 3rd June 2022 at 8:00 pm
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The truth behind the car crash that claimed the life of Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) was revealed in tonight's Coronation Street (3rd June), as flashbacks uncovered that his wife Toyah (Georgia Taylor) had been lying.


With the police having discovered that she hadn't used the brakes on the car, Toyah found herself under suspicion. But she maintained that she and Imran hadn't been rowing before the accident - despite Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) being certain that Imran was going to tell Toyah about his illegal behaviour over the last few weeks.

As she was discharged to recover at home, Toyah sent sister Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) away before breaking down in tears. We also saw her listen to the voicemail Imran had left her. But as she thought back over the events before Imran's death, we soon realised that Toyah had been covering up her role in what happened.

The horrific crash saw Toyah injured and Imran ultimately lose his life ITV

A series of flashbacks filled in the gaps we had missed between Imran and Toyah leaving the police station and that post-crash scene. As Toyah drove, she demanded to know why Imran was behaving in such a shifty manner.

Her first thought was that Imran and Abi had been having an affair, but Imran eventually explained that he had lied about Abi taking drugs, and had kept this from his wife throughout their custody battle for baby Alfie.

Toyah was furious that Imran had ruined everything - and knew that as well as losing Alfie, they would now be unable to adopt foster child Elsie. She was determined to keep the life she'd built and wanted Imran to keep quiet about his actions. But Imran's guilt had already got the better of him and he admitted that he had already arranged a meeting with Abi's solicitor.

Her anger growing, Imran had to remind Toyah to keep her eyes on the road. She then told him that she hated him with all her heart. We then cut to the moment that Toyah drove the car straight into the wall, leaving her and Imran in peril.

Back in the present, Toyah replayed Imran's message, before deleting it to cover her tracks. With Toyah's rage at the time of the crash at an all-time high, did she intend to kill Imran? It certainly looks that way...

Having told some serious lies, will she confess, or continue to hide her part in Imran's death?

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