Asha reaches breaking point with Dev in Coronation Street

The tormented teen has a big request for her dad

coronation street asha alahan

Asha Alahan’s online nightmare continues in Coronation Street as the vulnerable teen discovers her dad Dev Alahan has reported classmate Kelly Neelan to the police for uploading an explicit video of his daughter to the internet.


Encouraged by crush Corey Brent, Ash slipped her clothes off on a saucy private video call not realising the lad had taken screen shots and saved it to his phone. When spiteful Kelly spied him watching it at a party she secretly nabbed his handset and sent it to a Weatherfield High group chat, and the footage has now ended up on a porn website.

Asha learns on Monday 27th April her protective father has reported Kelly and Corey to the police, but after getting a mouthful from Kelly in the kebab shop mortified Ash demands her dad withdraw his cop complaint as he’s made matters worse, drawing more attention to her embarrassing ordeal that has already made her the subject of gossip and abuse.

With vindictive messages flooding her phone, Asha feels there is no escape and her life will never be the same again.

coronation street asha alahan dev alahan

Speaking exclusively to, Tanisha Gorey warned her alter ego’s situation can only get worse: “This incident ruins her self-esteem. Dev involving the police without her agreement makes her unable to trust anyone.

“Asha thinks the worst has happened but it carries on. It completely ruins her life.”

Later this week, however, it appears Asha has gotten through to Dev as her pleading about informing the police results in him agreeing to call the school and drop the complaints against her fellow pupils.

But does this mean Asha can start to move on from such a big mess? And has the relationship between father and daughter been irretrievably ruined by him going behind her back?


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