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Will Abi get revenge? Coronation Street's Sally Carman warns "Ray's not finished yet…"

The sleazy businessman may have crossed the wrong woman

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Published: Wednesday, 26th February 2020 at 8:55 pm

Just when it seemed Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) was finally getting together with Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) in Coronation Street, bad boy Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) destroys their burgeoning romance by revealing she was prepared to sleep with him to get off the hook for stealing his car.


Anxious Abi was left in tears on Wednesday 26th February's Corrie when Kev dumped her having discovered she was prepared to sell herself to stop Ray going to the police, despite Ms Franklin pleading she did it to keep Kevin out of trouble too as he'd given her an alibi.

However, while smug Ray revelled in poaching the garage as part of his blackmail plot, could a callback to a similar storyline suggest Abi will eventually get revenge on the creepy Crosby?

"Ray's not finished yet," Carman told recently in an exclusive interview. "There is definitely more to come - and something is afoot!" References in Wednesday's episode to Kevin's ex-partner Anna Windass being forced to sleep with evil Pat Phelan to pay off a debt a few years ago got us thinking about how that vendetta ended - with Anna reclaiming the power and stabbing the scumbag to death.

coronation street abi franklin kevin webster

Admittedly it took a few years, and a great deal of gaslighting from Phelan, to get there, but ultimately Anna was triumphant and turned from being a victim of a misogynist, horrid high-rolling alpha male to reclaiming the power and bumping him off. Are rotten Ray and emotional Abi being lined up as the next Anna and Pat?

Happily, by Friday 28th February, Kev and Abi are back on track, thanks to an intervention from Sally Metcalfe who orchestrates a romantic dinner for her ex and BFF so they can make amends.

But Carman's warning that Ray has more to play is most intriguing. Keep your eye on the new owner of Webster's Autos…


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