Alya’s stalking pushes Carla to a breakdown in Coronation Street

Pretending to be Rana has driven the factory boss to the edge


Coronation Street‘s Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) has admitted to sending sinister messages to Carla Connor (Alison King) posing as dead Rana Habeeb as revenge for her friend’s tragic demise, but far from giving the beleaguered factory boss closure on who’s got it in for her it’s sent her spiralling even deeper into paranoia and closer to a breakdown.


The second episode of Wednesday 10th April’s dramatic double bill picked up from the huge cliffhanger that saw Alya quietly reveal herself as being behind the menacing online prank to Rana’s fiancee, and Carla’s sister, Kate Connor (Faye Brookes).

Tearfully explaining she acted on the spur of the moment to make the factory boss feel bad for causing Rana’s death due to negligence over the state of the Underworld roof, apologetic Alya received a dressing down from stunned Kate for using her tragic girlfriend’s memory.

Seeing how upset and ashamed Alya was at what she’d been driven to, Kate’s anger soon dissipated as she realised how hard the nurse’s death had hit her former sister-in-law, who also referenced the injustice of her other losses in recent years including her dad Kal and boyfriend Luke Britton.

After Alya assured her the campaign to freak out Carla was over, Kate channelled her rage back towards her sister and reiterated her sibling deserved everything that was coming to her…


Why does Carla run away from Weatherfield?

Deciding to let Carla know who was behind the online abuse so she was finally in the clear herself, Kate marched round to the Barlows’ and announced Alya had confessed to her actions. However, as Kate ranted how Ms Nazir was wracked with anger and grief thanks to the factory debacle, fragile Carla could only stare into space. Once her sibling left the paranoia intensified as she irrationally suggested to boyfriend Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) Kate was lying and Alya had been somehow forced to take the blame.

Later, Carla overheard Gary Windass being threatened by loan shark Rick Neelan and believed it was her they were talking about, further fuelling her conspiracy theory that everyone was out to get her…


On Friday 12th April Peter fears for his other half’s mental health and urges her to seek medical help, but Carla goes missing in the midst of a full-on breakdown sparking a desperate search.

Viewers know Carla is not even responsible for Rana’s demise as the day the roof caved in it was deliberately sabotaged by a mysterious, as-yet unidentified figure thought to be one of Mrs Connor’s many enemies – whoever it is will now have even more on their conscience as Carla slides into despair continuing to blame herself for the tragedy. When will the real culprit be revealed?


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