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Young Spock will appear in Star Trek: Discovery

But it may not be what you’re expecting

Published: Monday, 16th April 2018 at 1:46 pm

One of the oddest parts of Netflix Star Trek prequel Star Trek: Discovery is the family life of lead character Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who was revealed to be the adoptive sister of iconic original series character Spock (Leonard Nimoy) before the series even began.


In and of itself her adoption isn’t that odd – The Next Generation’s security officer Worf was himself a Klingon raised by humans – but what IS strange is the idea that Spock would have had a sister and never mentioned it in decades of TV and film appearances, despite numerous storylines featuring his family (including his father, Sarek, who also appears in Discovery played by James Frain).

Still, so far the showrunners have assured us that this reticence on Spock’s part will be explained soon, and it seems like they’re making good on their word – because according to former TNG star and director Jonathan Frakes, Spock’s finally making an appearance in Discovery’s second season.

Frakes, who directed an episode of Discovery’s first series and will take the helm again when it returns, revealed that Spock is set to be in the next episode he’s directing while speaking at El Paso comic-con.

However, apparently this won’t be the adult Spock who is currently (in the Star Trek: Discovery prequel timeline) serving as a science officer under Captain Christopher Pike on the Enterprise – instead, we’ll see Spock in flashbacks to Burnham’s youth on Vulcan. The storyline will take place during Discovery season two’s second episode, following the return of the original Enterprise (and introduction of Anson Mount as Christopher Pike) that capped off the story in season one.

Who’ll play youthful Spock and why exactly he elected to never talk about his sister remains to be seen – but whatever the truth, we’re sure it’ll be extremely logical.


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