Netflix literally takes Star Trek to space as show is streamed from the stratosphere

This is where your monthly subscription goes

(Netflix, TL)

Netflix has boldly gone where no streaming service has gone before: space.


Yes, that’s right. The on-demand company has actually sent a phone into the stratosphere and broadcast Star Trek: Discovery to, well, probably nobody.

But nonetheless it was an incredible feat achieved by creating a device that would allow the Netflix app to play a show – even 115,000 feet above the earth.

Attached to a weather balloon, the phone had heaters so the batteries wouldn’t freeze, while a GoPro camera was added so that the whole event could be filmed.

Every year, Netflix employees get the chance to take a day off work (it’s alright for some) to come up with innovative ways in which to help improve the streaming service.


We’re not sure this quite fits that remit, but it’s certainly a neat trick – with breathtaking results.